Neighborhood News

Waste Pickup Hours for the Summer
Waste Management of Kansas, Inc. residential routes for the Kansas City metropolitan area will begin at  6:00 am due to the forecasted extreme heat, for the remainder of this month through August.
Amesbury Spring Garage Sale
Thursday, May 2nd through Saturday, May 4th
8am - 3pm
Do you have things stored in your garage or basement that you haven't used in years? Have you been thinking about how to get rid of those things that just take up space?

Well don't throw them away! Join in on the semi-annual Amesbury Garage Sale (no license fee is required).

The garage sale will be held Thursday, May 2nd through Saturday, May 4th! Ads will be placed in local newspapers, and signs positioned at select entrances to Amesbury to spread the word.

Good Luck!
143rd Street Beautification Project
Finally!  After a year of meetings, negotiation and bidding, the Amesbury Lake Board of Directors is proud to announce that the beautification of 143rd Street is about to begin!
As you are probably aware, the homes association common areas on the north side of 143rd Street were severely damaged by new asphalt and concrete installation as well as vehicle and equipment operation by the subcontractors hired by the City of Olathe (in conjunction with Overland Park). to expand 143rd Street.
The Amesbury Lake Board had delayed its planned installation of new landscaping at the monuments of both Grayson Mills entrances for a year, in anticipation of the completion of the expansion.  The new Board also budgeted for the installing of additional irrigation between the existing irrigated monuments.  The project was to be completed this spring.  
However, during the initial irrigation installation process, we realized that the City's crews had completely destroyed both existing irrigation systems that watered the landscape beds and flowers at the Grayson Mills' entrances.  In an effort to ensure that Amesbury Lake residents would not have to pay for those expensive repairs, meetings and negotiation with the City of Olathe began.  Bids were taken and approval from the City to pay their portion of irrigation project was pursued.  We were able to secure more than $15,000 to fully cover the cost of the damage (but then had to wait for both Overland Park and Olathe to approve their portions of the overall expense).  Money will be forthcoming and releases have been reviewed and signed.  Now work can begin.
In the next few weeks, we will be installing a new irrigation system that not only replaces the old system around the monuments but we will include mist heads in the landscape beds to reduce the cost of watering flowers each year.  We will also install a new line along the entire length of our common property (from west side of Gillette to the east side of Westgate).  This will allow us to water the turf and any new trees or other plantings that are installed in the future.  And as planned in 2016, we will be installing the new landscaping materials in the four beds at the two pairs of monuments. 
The project will be completed this fall and should dramatically improve the appearance of the Amesbury Lake Homes Association grounds in the area.  We wish to thank all those residents effected by the project (and its several setbacks and delays) for their patience and understanding during this process.  Hopefully the wait will be worth it!  


Pay Dues Online
Tired of writing and mailing checks?  If so, you can now pay HOA dues online.  Click on the icon below for more information.

Amesbury Lake Architectural Control Process
Please remember that if you are doing any exterior modifications to your home, you need to go through the ALHA Architectural Control Process.  You can locate the form to fill out and instructions on where to submit them on the "Architectural Review" section on this site.  
Please remember that the Architectural Control Committee ("ACC") is made up of volunteers within the community. While submissions are typically reviewed promptly, sometimes committee members' schedules will require some additional time to address.  We always thank you for your patience.  
If you have any questions, please contact Home Association Solutions at (913)825-0001.